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Activity checks are a cost-effective way to determine if the subject is participating in activities that go against a claim. Many injured employee claims assert that they are incapacitated or debilitated due to an accident while working. During an Activity Check, an investigator spends a limited amount of time in the area of the individual’s neighborhood, documenting conditions and sometimes speaking with people familiar with the subject’s daily activities. Activity checks are also effective in developing information regarding dependency status in death claims and long term disability cases.

Alive and Well checks are used to determine the up to the minute status of your subject. Commonly these checks are reserved for employees receiving disability in the form of pension or insurance benefits. The investigation involves an in-person interview to determine a claimant's general health, current medical treatment and medications, next scheduled doctor's appointment, verification of employment and/or disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, hobbies and activities, description of a "day in the life", social security number and date of birth verification, telephone number, spouse and children information, and photographs of the claimant and their residence. An Alive and Well Check can be pre-scheduled or unannounced per your instructions.Seniors interview image Our investigators have performed thousands of checks. We have often found the subject deceased and his family still receiving benefits long after there passing.

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