Answers magnified imageAt Chicagoland Investigative Services, our goal is to provide our clients with the critical information and essential facts that they require to make sound business decisions. Whether our client is an insurance company evaluating a claim, an investment bank considering a multimillion dollar loan to a foreign business, or a corporation contemplating litigation in a patent infringement case, the bedrock of their decision must be a comprehensive knowledge of the underlying facts.

In business, insight into competitors, potential partners, industry dynamics, political tides and impending events can give a company an edge in making important decisions. CIS network of investigative professionals—drawn from the business, financial, legal and law enforcement communities—is uniquely positioned to legally discover unusual and hard-to-find information that can provide our clients with that extra advantage.Red & white blocks image

CIS provides strategic insight into operational risk issues by combining investigative capabilities and primary source research with unsurpassed analytical skills to allow its clients to better informed business decisions.

Chicagoland Investigative Services is your partner and can assist your company in critical areas where sound business decisions need verifiable evidence.

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Chicagoland Investigative Services saves it's clients from paying out millions of dollars in claims every year.