Puzzle Forensics ImageElectronic Communication is the primary method businesses, corporations, individuals, and professionals use to exchange information in a timely and effective manner. It’s no wonder why these electronic communications and related devices are researched and investigated to find misuse and illegal activity.

At Chicagoland Investigative Services, we offer full service computer forensics,
cell/mobile phone forensics and e-discovery solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and court proven processes that are second-to-none. We specialize in providing secure solutions using the following processes and technologies.

  • Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery, utilizing court proven processes and tools to collect, preserve, analyze, and present electronically stored information (ESI) evidence maintaining proper chain of custody and evidence integrity
  • Expert Witness Testimony providing jury comprehensible reports and presentations of all forensic analysis
  • Complete cell / mobile phone forensics utilizing state of the art tools and techniques to recover and present SMS / MMS messages, emails, contacts, and pictures from all models of cellular / mobile phones
  • Assist with the preparation of preservation and discovery plans, and cases for legal and ,law enforcement referral
  • Recovery of Lost and Hidden ESI evidence such as user documents and email

Computer Caution Image

In many cases, a Digital Forensic Examination can tell what a digital device like a computer, phone, network device, USB stick/thumb drive or GPS has stored, what has been altered and when and what has been deleted from it. Many times, Internet activity, email, and other communications can be recovered.

For cell phones, items like email and text messages (including deleted items), photos, videos, dialing records, durations of calls, times and dates can be discovered from interrogated cell phones.

For computers, items such as email records (including deleted items), photos, videos, pornography, banking transactions, dating /sexually explicit web sites and associated accounts. Many Instant Message clients such as Facebook leave data and sometimes even transcripts of chats that we can discover. Social media information posted on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are all possible to discover during an examination.

Digital Forensics can help produce considerable information about activity conducted on computer networks after the fact such as interrogation of access lists, log file analysis, intrusion detection, data loss analysis and recovery as well as many other items based on the hardware and systems used in the network.

Our experience has proved that this data referenced above, especially when pieced together, proves invaluable to investigators.

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