Employee Theft Image 1An Employee Theft Investigation is a situation most business owners and managers are uncomfortable with. This is understandable since this is a criminal and civil situation that the average business person rarely deals with. When an employee commits internal theft by stealing cash, merchandise, time or supplies they commit a clear crime. This has a clear effect on profits and company moral. Internal theft in the “real world” happens in every business with employees. We would like to think that the person we hired would not steal from us. But the sad fact is that many do. Internal theft is often committed by some of the most “trusted” employees: Supervisors, Management and Senior Staff How does an employer know if there is an employee theft issue at his business?

  • Suspicion?
  • Rumor?
  • Anonymous tip?
  • Unexplained inventory shortage?
  • Missing supplies?
  • Decreased sales?
  • Increased vendor costs?
  • Increased payroll costs?
  • Secretive employees?

Any of the conditions above can be an indication of internal theft. An employer can waste his valuable resources, time and effort while the business continues to bleed money to one or more unscrupulous employees.
Employee Theft Image
Engaging a qualified investigator can determine how losses are occurring, how many employees are involved, how long the theft has been going on and stop the losses from continuing. Based on accurate information from the investigator, an informed decision can be made to remedy the situation by termination, restitution, or prosecution, all while protecting the business from civil liability by remaining within accepted guidelines during the investigation. Chicagoland Investigative Services has years of experience in developing evidence and information for businesses suffering from internal theft. If you suspect you have employee theft, your problem probably goes deeper than you know.

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