Live Scan is an ink less electronic fingerprinting method. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Illinois State Police and/or the FBI for completion of a criminal record check. The Live Scan technology replaces the process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink. Digitizing the fingerprint images enables them to be transmitted electronically to the ISP/FBI in a matter of seconds.

Our agency is a duly authorized Illinois State Police and FBI certified fingerprinting service provider to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for licensure, certification, volunteer, job, business permit, record review, or licenses and /or employment purposes.

We use the latest digital scanner technology to provide live scan fingerprint submissions. This assures you of the fastest and most reliable service with the best price.

Fingerprinting Image

We also offer mobile Live Scan fingerprinting services for groups and individuals. Call our office for additional information regarding appointments and fees. For further info you can also visit: Live Scan Illinois

Common Fingerprint categories:

  • Auto
  • Boat
  • RV Dealerships
  • Body Shops
  • Scrap Processors
  • Banks and Trusts
  • Euthanasia
  • Explosives
  • Healthcare Workers - IDPH Authorized Live Scan Agents
  • Hospital Employees
  • Loan Originators
  • Massage Therapists
  • Non-emergency Healthcare Transportation Companies
  • Nurse Licensure
  • Nursing Home Employees
  • Residents
  • Private and Parochial Schools (Adam Walsh)
  • Pyrotechnic
  • Security: Private Detectives, Locksmiths, Security Guards, Alarm Contractors
  • Public and Private School Bus Drivers
  • Public School District Employees (Any employee with daily contact with school children)
  • UCIA (General Employment - non-regulated)

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