School District Boards and other governmental bodies often need to verify the addresses of students as well as employees with residency boundaries. This is to ensure that our tax dollars are being spent to help people who have a right to them based on where they live and to exclude non-residents. School districts, for instance, use our residency investigations to identify students attending their district schools who they believe may live in another district. Through door knocks and investigative procedures, we can find out where students actually live and gather the evidence needed for informed decision making. Not only does this reduce overcrowding but it can save school districts thousands of dollars per student per year, a savings that can be used for other important expenses. Tax payers feel this is money well spent in these difficult financial times.

Chicagoland Investigative Services investigative staff will also be prepared to testify about the evidence and procedures. Should it be an administrative hearing or a civil court case, CIS will be your partner the whole way through the process.

With decades of experience, we can prepare a plan to save your district or municipality tax payer dollars.

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