The heart of every claims investigation is the recorded statement. If conducted properly, the transcript of a witness interview may be extremely valuable in evaluating liability, damages, and coverage. It may also assist in "locking the witness" into certain accounts of events which may protect the insured and/or the carrier in later litigation.. For these reasons, it is essential that recorded- written & videotaped statements be conducted thoroughly and properly.

Interviewing is an art, studied and developed over many years. Whether your case involves a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury case, witnesses to an alleged crime or the possibility of employee dishonesty, you can rely on Chicagoland Investigative Services. Statements and interviews can be taken in person at the interviewee’s location, our office or by telephone to meet your needs and schedule. 24/7.

Chicagoland Investigative Services also offers nationwide skip trace and witness location services. We have located thousands of individuals in the last 10 years alone. Using our proven and reliable investigation methods with privileged information sources, allows us to provide this service efficiently. CIS is your partner in the fight against fraud, waste and abuse.

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Chicagoland Investigative Services saves it's clients from paying out millions of dollars in claims every year.